CHINA 1992 background



This was my first travel to China. There were two main ideas behind the trip: first, to have a personal look at "the Chinese" to see if we could possibly stand each other. This turned out to be not just a simple black and white picture. Second, to see as much as possible of the BIG attractions that survived the many ups and downs in chinese history - and the 20th century. There were many.


Actually, the plan was to travel the whole country within two months - heading west the first four weeks, starting in Beijing, and then the other month to go south to Canton. But the country was simply too big, and with far too many sights, so there was no time left for a second part.


Beijing and its surroundings (Forbidden City and the Palace Museum, Badaling Great Wall, Ming tombs, Xiangshan - Fragrant Hills)
Datong (Huayan monastery, Shanhua monastery, Longmen caves)
Yingxian Wooden Pagoda
Mount Wutai
Zhengzhou City
Songshan (Shaolin Temple)
Luoyang (Longmen caves)
Xi'an (Qin Shihuangdi tomb complex, Tang Emperor tombs, Wild Goose Pagodas, City wall)
Lanzhou (Bingling monastery)
Jiayuguan (The last Fort on the Great Wall)
Dunhuang (Mogaoku - Ten Thousand Buddhas caves)
Guangzhou (Canton) and Hong Kong