CHINA 1992_2


The Little Goose Pagoda (Xiaoyanta) in Xi'an lost its top during an earthquake in the 16th century. It was built 707-9 and is still 43 m high today. Huashan is one of the sacred montains of China, 2200 m high. Early morning fog on Huashan. View from top of the burial hill of Qianling, the tomb of Tang Emperor Gaozong (died 683) and Empress Wu Zetian. The two southern peaks are artificial and one can see the 'spirit way' between them. The little port at the reservoir is starting point of a trip to Binglingsi monastery. Here - next to the barrage - the Yellow River is not yellow at all. Scenic landscape on the way up the Yellow River to Binglingsi monastery. Funeral procession. White is the colour of mourning. Remnants of the Great Wall in western Gansu.
The Fort of Jiayuguan. It was built in 1372, with towers up to 17 m high. Since the Ming this was considered the terminus of the wall. Ruins of the Great Wall near Jiayuguan. The wall is made of stampered loess, this photograph clearly shows the different horizontal layers. At this point the Great Wall ends abruptly. Stampered loess and air-dried bricks were used to build the wall here. The end of the Great Wall - and almost the end of the world. A deep canyon marks the end of the wall. Crescent Moon Lake in the Taklamakan desert, near Dunhuang.
The Buddhist caves of Dunhuang (Mogaoku). Street market in Lanzhou. Dress rehearsal of the parade for the 'first international silk road festival'. Pretty drum-girls. The rhythmic drums and the dancings were quite impressive. He's got everything under control. Spectators were more or less fascinated. Nowadays rarely seen: blue "Mao Dress".
Travelling - the fun part: hard sleeper is still cheap and with some comfort. Travelling - the bad part: >50 hours in the overcrowded hard-seater really is 'a very special experience'. But it is here where you can meet Confucius' descendants - today in the 76th or so generation. The seats are in rows of 3 and 2, sometimes the luggage rack is used to sit, too. To travel south means changing the dusty brown for a humid green. Terrace fields in Southern China. Riding the ox home. Idyllic backyard on Shamian Island, Canton. Colonial-style buildings on Shamian Island, Canton (Guangzhou). Parking range for bicycles.
A stroll for the bird. Playing Chinese Chess in Hong Kong. "Old" Hongkong: Smoggy air, ugly blocks, and the airport rigth in the center of the city. Hongkong - Kowloon.