AIRPORT 2001 - background



These photographs are the results of two photo-sessions at Frankfurt International Airport in spring 2001.

In the first session many photos were made with additional flashlight. This was definitely the wrong approach as the many shiny surfaces often reflected the flash and the interesting effects with daylight-film and artificial lights did not become visible. For the second session no flashlights were used, resulting in much better output.

Basically, the airport is a very functional building, with many signs to guide the people to their destinations. It is -unfortunately- not very comfortable to stay there, even if one has to wait for a person, a plain, or -even worse- for a train. There are only a few areas with more or less comfortable chairs, not to mention places to relax or refresh. Its impersonal atmosphere of hustle and bustle, people running around to make it to their holidays... well - transit.

In this archtitechture of distance, however, there are some depressing, deserted spots next to surprisingly beautiful corners. They can be found - if one only has the time to search for them.