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Source: Newsletter - Long Marchers on the Road
May 25, 2006
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Long March Yan¹an Project Launched
Featuring a Collaboration with Cai Guo-Qiang
Yan¹an, Sha¹anxi Province, China

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Summary: The Long Marchers are back on the road, arriving in Yan¹an in
May 2006.  Artist Cai Guo-Qiang, along with over 40 leading artists,
curators, and scholars traveled with the team, conducting survey, study,
discussion, and exhibitions

Yan¹an Forum on Arts Education

On the 64th anniversary of Mao Zedong¹s ³Yan¹an Forum on Arts and
Literature², a discussion regarding the future of contemporary art
education initiated by artist Cai Guo-Qiang and organized by the Long
March Project was launched at the historical site of the ³Kandga²
University (Anti-Japanese University) in northwestern city of Yan¹an

The forum brought together a variety of viewpoints from leading art
educators from art academies, officials from the education and cultural
ministry, directors of education from museum and contemporary art
organizations, as well as scholars, critics, and curators who have been
engaged with the issue of education.

The 31 participants included, Cai Guo-Qiang, Fei Dawei, Fan Di¹an, Fang
Lei, Gao Shiming, Hu Heli, Li Gongming, Liu Dahong, Liu Xiaodong, Liu
Yonghua, Lu Jun, Lu Shengzhong, Lu Jie, Luo Zhongli, Ni Zaiqin, Pi
Daojian, Philip Tinari, Qiu Zhijie, Shen Meng, Sui Jianguo, Wang
Huaxiang, Wang Mingxian, Wang Nanming, Xu Jiang, Yang Dongping, Yang
Jingsong, Zhang Peili, and Zheng Shengtian.

Professors Zhu Qinsheng and Gao Minglu provided a written text, and Chen
Danqing presented a speech via telephone.  In addition, over 20 artists
who realized works at the Long March Yan¹an Site were also in attendance.

The Forum focused on the issues ³current situation and understanding of
contemporary Chinese art education², ³what is contemporary art
education? ­ Differences, challenges, and breakthroughs², and ³How
Should Contemporary Art Education be Implemented?²

Setting out from the history of art education in China and international
influences, to the current situation, contradictions, conflicts and
challenges, as well as future possibilities, different views were
engaged with and discussed.

Long March Project Announces the launch of the Yan¹an Primary School Art
Education Teacher Training Program

At the Yan¹an Forum on Art Education, the Long March announced its
intent to organize and collaborate with local educators, artists, and
community organizations, to create an art education curriculum suited
for local primary schools which takes papercutting and other local art
resources  and traditions as its basis.  The three year project includes
art teacher training programs and institution throughout local area
primary school, and drew great response and support from the forum

Long March Yan¹an Project ­ Works Realized Onsite and Exhibitions
The Long March Yan¹an Project brought art into the public realm,
displaying works at the Yan¹an ³Kangda² Hotel, 11 cave dwellings at the
former site of the Yan¹an University, a Catholic Church which served as
the historical site of the Lu Xun Art Academy, and other public sites
throughout the city of Yan¹an.

Works by 28 artists were either realized, or still being carried out in
the city of Yan¹an, engaging with the historical revolutionary memory,
the relationship between individual and collective, and the contexts of
the local communities.

Participating artists include: Chen Shaofeng, Guo Fengyi, He Jinwei,
Hong Hao, Jiang Jie, Li Fang, Li Yang, Liu Dahong, Lu Jie, Jennifer Wen
Ma, Shen Xiaomin, Song Dong, Shu Yong, Xiao Lu, Xiao Xiong, Sui Jianguo,
Wang Wei, Wang Shugang, Yin Xiuzhen, Yan Lei, Yue Luping, Zhu Fadong,
Wei Family Shadow Puppet Theater Group, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Dmitri
Gutov, Dan Mills, Trinh T. Minh-ha, and Ulrike Ottinger.  Artists will
also continue to be invited to realize works in Yan¹an throughout the
next four months.

Long March Project ­ ³Site Visit²

Artists Feng Mengbo, Miao Xiaochun, Liang Yue, Shi Jinsong, Yu Hong, and
Zhong Biao were invited by the Long March to Yan¹an to conduct a ³Site
Visit² of the Long March Yan¹an Project.  The purpose was for artists to
engage in research, act as observer/participants in the ³Yan¹an Forum on
Arts Education², visit revolutionary sites and view other artist¹s
exhibitions, in order to initiate dialogue with local communities and to
gain a further understanding of the Long March Methodology to better
prepare for future participation in the Long March Project.

About Yan¹an

Yan¹an is the last site of the 6000 mile historical Long March route.
It is a revolutionary site of the Chinese Communist Party, and a
laboratory for the construction of an ideal society and utopia.  It is
also the starting point for the new Long March.  In May 2006, the Long
March Project arrived in Yan¹an, examining the effects of globalization
on Chinese cultural development through a dialogue between history and
the present.  Through research and discussion of the collective
socialist memory, the Long Marchers and Chinese and international
artists engaged with rural experiences, general social mobilization,
visual economy and sustainable society, and the construction of a visual

For more information please contact:
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Mailbox 8503, Beijing, China 100015
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lm@longmarchspace.com    www.longmarchspace.com



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