April 7, 2006:

[achtung! kunst] *archaeology* : 1,000-year-old wells unearthed in central China

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1,000-year-old wells unearthed in central China

www.chinaview.cn 2006-03-28 23:32:46

WUHAN, March 28 (Xinhua) -- Chinese archaeologists have unearthed 18
ancient wells dating back 1,000 years in Ezhou City, Central China's
Hubei Province.

The wells, located at the ruins of the ancient capital of the Wu Kingdom
(A.D. 222 to 280), lie side by side in a variety of shapes, such as
cylindrical and polygonal.

The well mouths were found 2.5 meters underground, with diameters
ranging from 0.8 meter to 2.2 meters and depths from 4 to 12 meters. The
building materials of the wells include earth, china clay, brick and wood.

Meanwhile, more than 100 historic relics were excavated from the wells,
including silver hairpins, earthenware, porcelain, bronze mirrors, iron
hoe, animal bones and wooden articles.

Belonging to the Eastern Han Dynasty (A.D. 25-220), the Three Kingdoms
Period (A.D. 222 to 280), and the Northern Song Dynasty (A.D. 960 to
1127), the well-preserved wells will provide valuable clues to the study
of ancient city layout and people's living conditions.




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