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[achtung! kunst] *archaeology* : Qing Dynasty female mummy found in Chongqing

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Qing Dynasty female mummy found in Chongqing

www.chinaview.cn 2006-03-04 11:00:14

BEIJING, Mar. 4 - According to Chongqing Morning News, an ancient tomb
was unearthed on a construction site on the hillside near Wenfeng Tower
on South Hill of Huangjueya Town in Chongqing Nan'an District.

The female corpse in the tomb is dressed in costumes of the Qing Dynasty
(1616-1911 AD) and well-preserved without any signs of rottenness. In
addition, the corpse has a peach-and-cream complexion and resilient skin.

Based on initial archeological identification by the local cultural
relic administration department, this ancient tomb dates back to 100
years ago.

When dredging the hillside with an excavator, the worker accidentally
discovered an intact coffin with a female corpse of poised appearance
inside. The worker touched the corpse's face with a branch and found her
skin resilient.

After mortuary objects were cleared up, half of the female corpse was
buried with earth. When two corpse carriers dragged the body out by her
arms, the body remained unchanged in shape and her tiny three-inch feet
were pulled out from earth. One of the corpse carriers seized the corpse
by her arms while the other took her by the feet and put her into a
plastic bag. The ancient corpse seemed to be quite soft.

When the corpse carrying car arrived on the afternoon of Feb. 28th, the
female corpse's complexion had turned wax yellow after over 10 hours of
oxidation but still remained unrotten.




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