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China Heritage Newsletter
No. 4, December 2005

Are the Octogenarian Twins Coming of Age?
The Palace Museums Edge Closer

Articles on the Theme of this Issue

* The Transition from Palace to Museum: The Palace Museum's Prehistory and Republican Years

Articles on Aspects of China's Cultural Heritage

* Shaping the Palace Museum for Art History in the 1950s
* The Intelligence, Blood and Sweat of the Labouring Masses: The Palace Museum in the Cultural Revolution

Brief News Items on Recent Developments

* Heritage and Archaeological Briefs

Conference Reports, Book Reviews and Recent Monographs

* International Seminar on Qingming Shanghe Tu, Palace Museum, Beijing, 10-12 October 2005
* Review of Wang Guangyao, Zhongguo gudai guanyao zhidu (China's ancient system of official kilns)

Recent Updates
New Discoveries at Sakyas Monastery in Tibet
Movius Line Further Eroded



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